Angela Law

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2010 年,Angela 一家開辦了黃刀旅遊,帶領中國遊客遊覽黃刀鎮及極北。到現在已經有較大的規模,擁有自己的旅遊巴士及一批非常滿意的客戶。Angela 在香港和溫哥華擁有超過 40 年的導遊經驗,爲中國及北美旅客提供親切的服務。在香港的時候,Angela 帶領了無數北美旅客遊覽亞洲,並且獲得了最佳導遊獎(Best Tour Coordinator Award)。

1997 年移民到加拿大後,她爲加拿大、臺灣、香港及中國大陸的旅客們提供導遊服務。2002 年,Angela 一家人搬到了西北地區黃刀鎮。她十分喜愛極北的獨特文化和友善的人們。

Chun Kwok Law

在香港,Chun Kwok 作爲自僱導遊帶領北美遊客遊覽整個亞洲。他同時也擔任過夏令營主任。

1997 年 Chun Kwok 移民到了加拿大後,他作爲導遊帶領各國的華人旅客遊覽各地。在 2002 年與家人一起搬家到黃刀鎮後,他發現了商機,在這座鑽石之都開了一家紀念品商店。2010 年他與家人一起開辦了黃刀旅遊,帶領華人遊客來到極北。

Verda Law

Verda 是黃刀旅遊的主人,同時也是西北地區旅遊服務的策劃師及接待人。她在 08 年搬家到黃刀鎮與家人團聚。2006 年,Verda 從艾伯塔大學(University of Alberta)畢業,獲得了社會學學位。她也在香港及加拿大企業的公關活動中做協調工作。Verda 很讚賞極北人的親切,並在黃刀鎮一家飛行公司做客戶服務。作爲一名全方位的旅遊專家,Verda 每時每刻都保持着笑容,待人以誠,使每位旅客都有賓至如歸的感覺。
Verda 亦不忘作爲炎黃子孫的身份,在黃刀鎮擔任中國地震籌款小組執行組長,聯繫鎮內公司尋求贊助,以及安排所有當地媒體報道中國地震救災情況。此外,她也很熱心公益,在 2010 年,她陪伴着 14 名青年人,在東非坦桑尼亞修建了一座風車,爲當地村莊提供乾淨的水源。
2012 年至 2014 年,Verda 均被西北地區旅遊局選出,陪同總理參加中國貿易訪問團到中國各地訪問。她的夢想是與世人一同分享壯麗的北極光以及極北獨特的自然原野體驗。


Michael Chung

Messrs C.Y.Chung & Associates Advocates & Solicitors MALAYSIA

Dear CK, Angela & Verda,   I hope you still remember me ....a member of Dato' Francis Ho's tour group which visited Yellowknife recently.   I do like to be frank and candid in any assessment but to be really honest, I can't think of any instance where your conduct of the tour was not top notch.   I especially enjoyed CK's running commentary on Yellowknife and its various attractions, even if my Chinese is rather half-baked. CK was indeed a treasure trove of knowledge when it came to Yellowknife and this despite being a Hong Kong native!   I also liked the variety which you injected into the programme ...like for instance viewing the aurora from different locations/places (cabin, indigenous village and lakeshore etc) which gave us a wonderful perspective of how the aurora looks like in different locations. The disappointment of failing to view the aurora on the first night and we were all dead tired having flown into Yellowknife from Ottawa via Edmonton was more than made up for by the spectacular views on the second and third nights....simply stunning!!! The view of the aurora perfectly silhouetted against the backdrop of the lake will forever be etched in my memory!   There were some in the group who felt that the aurora viewing on the first night should have been dispensed with. Of course we were all dead tired but we only had 3 nights in Yellowknife and it was the right thing to maximise our chances of viewing the aurora. I was in Finland on one of Giacomo's tours some 4 or 5 years ago and we were allocated just one night to view the aurora and didn't see anything! Yellowknife more than made up for that disappointment of not seeing the aurora in Finland. Indeed Yellowknife truly lived up to its reputation as being the aurora capital of the world. I was made to understand that the aurora viewed in Scandinavia usually does not last as long as that viewed in Yellowknife... but I never expected it to be shimmering skies for hours. It simply exceeded my expectations!   My experience in Finland was a let down ... they did not provide the same kind of facilities to view the aurora. No heated cabin for visitors to await the aurora and coupled with coffee/tea and snacks being served on top of that. We were in fact out in the open for 2 hours in the dead of winter and all huddled around a bonfire for warmth! For me the Yellowknife experience was a more pleasant and comfortable way to view the aurora!   I must also commend your agency for having Kris take pictures for us. The pictures were expertly taken and when I shared them with friends and family, some were piqued into making a trip to Yellowknife and for which I will definitely recommend your agency. I have yet to come across an agency that offers such a service!   The meals provided were adequate... there was also variety . The Chinese food was quite good but my favourite was the steakhouse where I had a rather succulent burger for lunch. Of course one cannot expect a small city like Yellowknife to have the same smorgasboard of culinary delights of big cities such as Vancouver or Toronto!   All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable 3 days in Yellowknife and my sincere thanks to the Law family for making dreams come true.   Kind regards, Michael Chung Messrs C.Y.Chung & Associates Advocates & Solicitors MALAYSIA

Lucia Wang & NG from Hong Kong


Wu from Vancouver

Verda, Angela & Law, Really have to say many thanks to you guys, all the arrangements and warmest hospitality, which made every one of us feel like home. Every day’s programme was full of excitement. Law is really a professional tourist guide, that’s why we called him a life directory of Yellowknife. Verda, you made me so warm when I first touched ground of Yellowknife. Once again thanks for the Law family, hope to see you soon in Vancouver or again in Yellowknife.

Yoriko from Japan

“Thank you very much for your kindness while we were in Yellowknife. We really had a good time there. We never forget the beautiful Northern lights, dog sledding, kind people etc. We have a lot of wonderful memories and hope to see you again”

Libert from Vancouver

Verda, very glad to know you and your family and thanks for your help in Yellowknife, NWT. We have a pleasant tour in NWT by your help. Actually, we learned a lot from you. If you plan to be in Vancouver someday, please let me know and I really like to be your friend in the future.



Stephen from Vancouver

Once in a life time……lucky and amazed Twice….fulfilled and praised Third time ?! Crazy but blessed. Stole some time and went there last weekend for two nights. Another taste, another mood, dark blue starry night. The daytime dogsled race was a bonus!  

Christina from Hong Kong

“We are home finally! Thank you and CK very much for arranging the activities for us. We truly have a memorable holiday!! Aurora is just magical!!”




Ivy & Tim from Australia

“Angela, CK & Verda, Thank you for your professional tour guide and care, especially CK who stayed with us whole night, Tim felt deeply grateful and very satisfied with what he saw on his last date. Highly recommend your tour to other people interested in aurora. We did take a lot of beautiful aurora at lake side.”

Stephen & Agnes

“Verda, Angela & CK, We were back safely and happily. All of us were talking that you guys had giving us the warmest hospitality and your professionalism in tour. Really thanks, and hoping that your tour company will have a prosperous future in the coming year.”

Stephen & Agnes from Vancouver

“Last year’s Aurora trip was so good, we decided to have a taste again this year. On March 13 Sunday night, we were so lucky to have the best show so far in the past couple years.”

Cathleen Ou from Regina

“Steven and I had a great time staying in Yellowknife. We’d like to recommend you to our friends. Many claim that they want to visit Yellowknife, and we’ve told them about your tour and your warm hearted services. Thanks. ”  

“Thanks for your photos and all staffs excellent services. I have already left comments on webpage. Definitely five star service and strongly recommend. I wish that see you again at Yellowknife or Vancouver. Have a nice holiday.”