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“2015 年度最佳旅行社獎”.
"AKAITCHO Business Development Corporation's 2017
Business of the Year Award"
"2018 廣東國際旅遊產業博覽會優秀境外地接社獎 "

在黃刀盡情享受那無時間限制,360 度環回欣賞「北極光」

  • Lucia Wang & NG from Hong Kong
    Lucia Wang & NG from Hong Kong
  • Wu from Vancouver
    Verda, Angela & Law, Really have to say many thanks to you guys, all the arrangements and warmest hospitality, which made every one of us feel like home. Every day’s programme was full of excitement. Law is really a professional tourist guide, that’s why we called him a life directory of Yellowknife. Verda, you made me so warm when I first touched ground of Yellowknife. Once again thanks for the Law family, hope to see you soon in Vancouver or again in Yellowknife.
    Wu from Vancouver
  • Libert from Vancouver
    Verda, very glad to know you and your family and thanks for your help in Yellowknife, NWT. We have a pleasant tour in NWT by your help. Actually, we learned a lot from you. If you plan to be in Vancouver someday, please let me know and I really like to be your friend in the future.
    Libert from Vancouver
  • 彼得仔
  • Stephen from Vancouver
    Once in a life time……lucky and amazed Twice….fulfilled and praised Third time ?! Crazy but blessed. Stole some time and went there last weekend for two nights. Another taste, another mood, dark blue starry night. The daytime dogsled race was a bonus!  
    Stephen from Vancouver
  • Yoriko from Japan
    “Thank you very much for your kindness while we were in Yellowknife. We really had a good time there. We never forget the beautiful Northern lights, dog sledding, kind people etc. We have a lot of wonderful memories and hope to see you again”
    Yoriko from Japan
  • Christina from Hong Kong
    “We are home finally! Thank you and CK very much for arranging the activities for us. We truly have a memorable holiday!! Aurora is just magical!!”
    Christina from Hong Kong

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