Welcome to Trout Rock Wilderness Lodge on Great Slave Lake!

The serene Trout Rock Lodge is a remote getaway 45 kms from Yellowknife. If you’re looking for a remote, peaceful and exclusive retreat, Trout Rock Island, located in the pristine north arm of Great Slave Lake, is the perfect retreat. Just 12 minutes via floatplane from Yellowknife, the destination is so close you’ll likely fly in the same day you arrive. It is the land of the midnight sun, promising extended hours of adventure.
Trout Rock Lodge’s new main lodge for dining and meetings is the centrepiece of the accommodation and has a fully licensed lounge, flush toilets, a fireplace and an epic view overlooking Great Slave Lake. The guest cabins sleep up to 4 people and are equipped with a furnace, power and running water. There is also a shower house and wood-stove operated hot tub on the premises.
There’s nothing quite like capping off your day by going for a hike, venturing to the water for an after-dinner canoe or shooting a clay pigeons out of the clear northern sky.

Trout Rock Lodge is rated as the #1 pike fishing destination in the world!

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1. We have a two-person minimum for bookings. All rooms and cabins at the lodge are fitted with 4 beds. A surcharge of $75 + 5% GST is charged per person per day will apply If 2 guests want to stay at the room exclusively. Departures from Yellowknife during the winter season occur every Tuesday and Friday at 5:00pm.

2. Due to permafrost, there is no running water during the winter season. Pacto toilets are fitted in each room but not the cabins. Cabin guests must use the pacto toilets at the main lodge.

The government of Northwest Territories requires every angler to have a valid fishing license. Fishing licenses can be purchased at the lodge. For more info, see Fishing Regulations Guide.

For more information on the Arctic Tracks Machine, see Hagglund on Arctic Tracks.

To get more info, please contact [email protected]