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Winter Activities (November 30th - April 15th)

* We offer pick-up transfers for all winter tours ($7 for Snowmobile Aurora Viewing Tour / Nature Viewing and Snowmobile Tour, $5 for other tours unless otherwise stated)

Yellowknife City Tour

$85 / Guest

Experience northern culture in Yellowknife City.

Aurora Viewing Tour at Aurora Station

$125 / Guest

You will enjoy Aurora Borealis in the brand new comfort Aurora Station with the only designed sky-deck observatory in the Arctic.

  • Hot beverages and snacks are served.
  • Flushing toilets and full kitchen are built in the log cabin.
  • There are Aboriginal tipi for photography.

Aboriginal Cultural Aurora Viewing Tour

(Min 4 guests)
$125 / Guest

Drive from Yellowknife city to Dettah (Dene community) on the ice road, if it is opened. Spend 3 to 4 hours on the shore line of Great Slave lake with wood stove cabin viewing the spectacular Aurora Northern Lights. Authentic northern snacks and hot beverages will be served. Sharing Dene way of life through history, Weledeh language and connection to the land. Traditional aboriginal drumming will be performed as well.

  • 4 hours of viewing starting at either 9:00 p.m.–1:00 a.m. or 10:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m.
  • The price includes round-trip transportation to the Aurora viewing site.
  • Complimentary hot drink, traditional cook fish on fire will be served.

Snowmobile Aurora Viewing Tour

(Min 2 guests)
$235 / Guest

30 mins excited snowmobile ride along the lake to a cozy Great Slave Lake cabin, enjoy the breath taking Northern Lights. Hot beverages and northern snacks will be served. An opportunity to experience a unique winter wonderland. Include snowmobile gear.

The Bombardier ice fishing tour on Great Slave Lake

(Min 4 guests)
$125 / Guest

Imagine, heading out in a bombardier, over a stunning lake of snow and ice to photograph some of the rare beauty that makes the North so magical. Learn about the pressure ridges that create impressive ice heaves.  Or try your hand at ice fishing, see a demonstration of commercial fishery and sample the catch.

The sport ice fishing tour

(Min 4 guests)
$150 / Guest

Enjoy a 4-hour ice fishing experience on Great Slave Lake. Travel a half hour by heated, snow-tracked vehicle to your comfortable fishing hut, then drop a line through several feet of ice, to see if you can pull in a big one.

  • Including Fishing License & Gourmet lunch

Alaskan Husky Dog Sledding Tour

$125 / Guest

Enjoy the peaceful Boreal Forest by way of dog sledding team. You will fell one with the dogs as they lead you through the scenic trails in the wilderness. This is approx. 45-minute tour in total, including a safety speech from your professional mushers. This is a “Drive your own Dog Team”.

Do not worry, you will be under very close supervision from Enodah Kennel's experienced mushers who will be more than happy to help you along the wilderness trail. We encourage interaction with our happy friendly working husky dogs and will gladly take photos of you driving the team through the wilderness. At the end of the tour, there will be lots of time for hugs and photos with your favorite dogs.

Nature Viewing and Snowmobile Tour

(Min 2 guests)
1 hour: $125 / Guest, Drive your own machine. (Rider $95)
2 hours: $185 / Guest, Drive your own machine. (Rider $115)

Exciting snowmobile ride through the back country wilderness, travelling on thickly forested trails. Stop and take photos of breathtaking scenery. Play on frozen lakes. Include snowmobile gear.