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Wilderness Day Trip Excursion (Autumn)

Activites includes

  • Boat Trip to Island
  • Onshore fishing & Berry Picking
  • Shore Lunch on Great Slave Lake
A wonderful trip in Great Slave Lake for a full day, for photography, hiking, fishing or picking fruit. At the outskirts of the country for lunch, unique style. Great Slave Lake is Canada's second largest lake, and the fifth largest lake in North America. It is also the source of the MacKenzie River, the longest river in Canada.
It is one of the best fishing destinations in the world, especially the Pike pike, Artic Trout polar squid,; white fish is unique to this latitude. The northern bird, or the south can return to the wild geese. On the land, there are snow foxes that start to fade, but also wild cats, wild wolves or bison. Looking at the Quartet, You can feel the endless view.