TroutRockLodge 360 photo by our guest – Charles Liang
March 25, 2019
TroutRockLodge 360 photo by our guest – Charles Liang
March 28, 2019

“極光”(the Aurora) #歐若拉,北歐神話中掌管極光的女神,在北歐的冬季,有幸見到 #北極光 的人,也是上天眷顧的幸運兒,晴朗的夜空親歷北極光絢麗綻…

“極光”(the Aurora)
#歐若拉,北歐神話中掌管極光的女神,在北歐的冬季,有幸見到 #北極光 的人,也是上天眷顧的幸運兒,晴朗的夜空親歷北極光絢麗綻放,是一生一次妙不可言的浪漫體驗關於極光(Aurora)有各種各樣浪漫的傳說,中世紀早期,不少人相信極光是騎馬奔馳越過天空的勇士;在北極地區,因紐特人認為,#極光 是神靈在為最近死去的人照亮歸天之路;更有人相信對著極光揮手就會被它們帶走。不得不說,這些傳說帶來的神秘感讓極光更是有了些看頭。

#Aurora, the goddess of Aurora. In Norse mythology, who was fortunate enough to see the Northern Lights in the Nordic winter, is also the lucky one to go to heaven. The sunny night sky is a wonderful experience of the Northern Lights. It is a wonderful romantic experience in a lifetime. There are various romantic legends about Aurora. In the early Middle Ages, many people believed that Aurora was a warrior riding a horse across the sky. In the Arctic, the Inuit believed that the Aurora was the god of the dead. Brightly return to the road of heaven; more people believe that waving to the aurora will be taken away by them. I have to say that the mystery brought by these legends makes Aurora more worth seeing.

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