The weather is getting warm in Yellowknife! Are u ready to ride the bike?
May 26, 2020
Gracious morning ! Sometimes we don’t even notice beautiful nature is just next…
June 20, 2020


黃刀在春天美麗動人的境色,別有另一種天然的美!這個世界太神奇了,冰塊一天一天在溶化,鳥的叫聲喚人清醒過來…..造物者創造了那麼漂亮的舞台給各種創造物展開不同的姿勢和形容。When seasons change in the north , Yellowknife transform to another beautiful page . Slowly changing day by day quietly …… birds singing , ice melting …..How amazing it is ! The creator has set up a natural…



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